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U.S. and China Compete for Influence in the Indo-Pacific Region

Competition for leadership in the Indo-Pacific is poised to intensify as U.S. reengagement in the region continues.

Doug Strub / August 12, 2022
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Why Biden’s IPEF Is Not Enough to Counter China

The IPEF is limited as a tool for U.S. regional trade integration in the absence of U.S. market access or tariff liberalization.

Aidan Arasasingham and Emily Benson / July 6, 2022
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The BRICS Show Resilience Amid Global Tumult

BRICS countries could develop an alternative to the U.S. dollar-based global financial system.

Zongyuan Zoe Liu / July 6, 2022
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China and Pakistan’s Financial Crisis

Pakistan faces another balance of payments crisis and may again head to the International Monetary Fund for help. China and its Belt and Road Initiative have been blamed – unfairly – for the crisis, but the real culprit is poor...

CPEC Wire Staff / September 30, 2018

Pakistan’s Economy: The Big Picture

Islamabad is exploring a range of options to avert a balance of payments crisis.

Arif Rafiq / September 14, 2018

Another Chinese company joins the growing pack of automobile manufacturers in Pakistan

The state-owned Chang’an Automobile Group has entered into agreement with Master Motors, a Pakistani manufacturer of light trucks and busses, to assemble sports utility vehicles and light trucks, according to the Pakistan Construction & Quarry trade publication. The plant will be...

CPEC Wire Staff / July 12, 2018

Concerns over investments expressed at Balochistan forum

Chinese investors and officials continue to hold high-level meetings in Pakistan with the caretaker officials and bureaucrats. At a business forum in Quetta last week, Chinese officials pressed for the removal of red tape hindering investment related to CPEC, stating that investors faced difficulty...

CPEC Wire Staff / July 12, 2018
A handcrafted fishing boat transformed in casual seating along the beach in Gwadar, Pakistan. (Photo Credit: Arif Rafiq)

Why Gwadar Needs a Cultural Tourism Strategy

The port and industrial zone are at the heart of the vision for Gwadar, but cultural spaces will provide additional drivers of economic activity and shape a broader, inclusive narrative for the city.

Arif Rafiq / May 30, 2018

Gwadar’s Real Estate Market Picks Up

New entrants into Gwadar real estate — potentially including Chinese private equity players — signal how this market might be different from others in Pakistan.

Arif Rafiq / May 7, 2018