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China grand strategy

China’s Grand Strategy: More Power, More Problems

A feeling of insecurity continues to dominate Chinese statecraft, even as the country has made remarkable leaps economically and militarily.

CPEC Wire Staff / November 16, 2018

This Day in History: Gwadar Joins Pakistan

On September 7, 1958, the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman transferred control of Gwadar to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which purchased the territory for a sum of $8.4 million. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Malik Feroz Khan Noon announced the transfer...

CPEC Wire Staff / September 7, 2018

This Day in History: Khunjerab Pass Opens for China-Pakistan Traffic

On August 27, 1982, the Karakoram Highway — completed in 1979, after two decades of construction and the loss of hundreds of lives — opens for two-way traffic at the Khunjerab Pass border crossing. Four years later, the Khunerjab Pass would be open to...

CPEC Wire Staff / August 27, 2018

This Day in History: China and Pakistan Agree to Develop ‘Economic Corridor’

On May 22, 2013, during the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Islamabad, China and Pakistan agree to develop an “economic corridor.” Li arrived in Islamabad after a trip to New Delhi, where he had discussed the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor.

CPEC Wire Staff / May 22, 2018

This Day in History: China Agrees to Finance Gwadar Port Development

On May 12, 2001, during a state visit to Pakistan, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji agrees to finance the first phase of the construction of the Gwadar port and the Makran Coastal Highway that connects Gwadar to Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

CPEC Wire Staff / May 12, 2018