kenya sgr china mombasa port

Kenya and Pakistan Experiences Show China Offers No Shortcut to Development

Kenya and Pakistan showcase why democratic governments in the developing world have partnered with China to build their hard infrastructure.

Arif Rafiq / May 23, 2022
china takes over port of mombasa kenya sgr

Mombasa Port Takeover? Misreading the China-Kenya Standard Gauge Railway Contracts

The Chinese debt trap diplomacy fear continues to fail the test of evidence.

Deborah Brautigam / May 18, 2022
china CDB EXIM bank energy financing

Chinese Overseas Energy Development Financing Falls to Zero in 2021

In 2021, for the first time in two decades, China Development Bank and China EXIM Bank did not make any new energy financing commitments.

CPEC Wire Staff / March 16, 2022
xi Jinping kazakhstan

What Does China Make of the Unrest in Kazakhstan?

Xi surely has been watching events on his energy-rich neighbor’s territory closely.

Eurasianet / January 14, 2022
Gwadar Port city

The Gwadar Protests Should Be a Wakeup Call for Islamabad

The people of Gwadar are now making themselves heard.

Arif Rafiq / December 20, 2021
China Pakistan border Khunjerab KKH

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Debt-Trap or Game Changer?

Advocates of CPEC see it as an economic game changer. Critics say it's a strategic project with an economic facade. The truth is more complex.

Arif Rafiq / September 22, 2020

Why a warmer US-Pakistan relationship is a win for China

An improvement in ties between Islamabad and Washington may actually yield benefits for the China-Pakistan alliance.

CPEC Wire Staff / July 26, 2019
CPEC and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

UAE-Based Companies Show Interest to Invest In Gwadar

“UAE Ambassador Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Salem Al-Zaabi on Tuesday said many companies in UAE are keen to invest in Gwadar and they recently visited Pakistan for the purpose. Al-Zaabi called on the Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue and...

CPEC Wire Staff / May 17, 2019
imran khan approval rating

Imran Khan Approval Rating Stands at 58 Percent

Despite Pakistan’s economic difficulties, a majority of Pakistanis have a favorable view of Prime Minister Khan.

CPEC Wire Staff / May 16, 2019
CPEC and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

China, India and the Future of U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Munir Akram, the former Pakistani permanent representative to the United Nations writes in DAWN: “America’s new hostility towards Pakistan is due mostly to its emerging global rivalry with China, in which India has been chosen as Washington’s strategic partner whereas...

CPEC Wire Staff / May 12, 2019