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china kyrgystan uzbekistan railway

Uzbekistan Confirms Plans for New Railway From China Via Kyrgystan

The China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway would offer China and Central Asian countries a route to Europe bypassing Russia.

Joanna Lillis, Eurasianet / August 8, 2022
China debt Tajikistan

China Debt: A Problem for Tajikistan

Shrouded in secrecy, 60% of Tajikistan's external debt is owed to the Export-Import Bank of China.

Eurasianet / July 22, 2022
China takeover moon control NASA

Here’s Why China Is Unlikely to Claim Ownership of the Moon

Instead of claiming ownership over the entire moon, China could try to establish de facto control over parts of it through "salami slicing."

Svetla Ben-Itzhak and R. Lincoln Hines / July 13, 2022
China ukraine war winner

China is the Big Winner of the Ukraine War

The primary economic and strategic beneficiary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine will be China.

Vasily Kashin / July 5, 2022
xi Jinping kazakhstan

What Does China Make of the Unrest in Kazakhstan?

Xi surely has been watching events on his energy-rich neighbor’s territory closely.

Eurasianet / January 14, 2022
China grand strategy

China’s Grand Strategy: More Power, More Problems

A feeling of insecurity continues to dominate Chinese statecraft, even as the country has made remarkable leaps economically and militarily.

CPEC Wire Staff / November 16, 2018